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Deflation is more dangerous than Inflation !

Deflation is more dangerous that Inflation !

Economics is a simple science which is too complicated, said Churchill. This
statement is proved true today, with conflicting reports about inflation and

Inflation is measured using the WPI ( Whole Sale Price Index ). When
inflation becomes negative, it becomes deflation. For example, say WPI at
June 06,2007 was 200 and on June 06, 2008 was 220, then we say, inflation
was ten percent. If on June 06, 2009 the WPI was 231, then we say that
Inflation is five percent more than last year's.

On June 18, 2009, the Govt announced that India is under deflation.

If deflation is prolonged, then it is very dangerous, more dangerous than
inflation. It will engender crisis and recession. More than prices falling,
it is the expectation that prices will fall, that is more dangerous. If
consumers believe that prices will fall furthur, investment decisions will
be delayed. My friend was saying he will not buy a flat of 80 lakhs now, as
he will get it for 40 lakhs after two years. Consumer judges that it is a
Bear Phase and will not invest and will wait for prices to fall. Let it be
Stock Market or Realty, the intelligent will only enter at the end of the
Bear Phase and not at the beginning. !

Inflation is the phase where the prices of products and services go up in a
bullish curve and Deflation is the phase where the prices of products and
services go down in a bearish curve !

The prices of some commodities - particularly foodstuffs - are rising during
even the deflationary phase. The Wholesale Price Index is based on 430
commodities. Ordinary people are bothered only about the prices of
foodstuffs, rice, sugar, wheat, fish, vegetables etc. The prices of copper,
coal, aviation fuel etc, ( which is also included in the 430 commodities )
are something the common man is not bothered about. The common man does not
benefit when the price of aviation fuel comes down. But the prices of
foodstuffs do not come down and this explains why prices of some commodities
are rising during deflation.

Now this inexplicability is resolved when everything is based on the CPI,
the Consumer Price Index.

The Wholesale Price Index on June 06, 2008 was 236.5 and on June 06, 2009
was 232.7 and hence Deflation is 1.61%.

Now Consumer Price Index can be followed as it highlights the prices of
essential commodities and if we follow the CPI, we have an inflation at 8% !
Inflation was 11% when oil was ruling at 140 dollars per barrel. The
inflation of today is merely a statistical aberration.

People will delay their buying during Deflation. During inflation, when
people thought price of rice was bound to go up, they bought heavy
quantities of rice. Now the reverse phenomenon will happen during deflation.
The buying of rice, wheat, medicines etc which are essential will be
deferred. There will be less demand. The manufacturers will have to slash
down output. There will be retrenchment of employees as business becomes
slack, unemployment will rise and the whole economy will be affected

From 1990-1996, Japan was under deflation. The World Financial Crisis is
here to stay. Global economic deflation is at 2%. Global income will come
down 2%. In Japan, Singapore, Dubai and Russia income will come down by 8%.
Of the G 20 countries, only India and China has recorded good growth. In
2009, China will grow by 7% and India by 6%.

Now India has grown by 5.8% during this global recessionary phase and this
shows the resilience of the nation. The export sector has become weak. But
then the industries led by consumer demand like steel, cement, cars, two
wheelers do not face recession at all. We can expect a 6% growth this
fiscal, if no adverse factors hit us. There should not be any deflation in
an economy with more than 4% growth, according to Economics. Even if
deflation hit us, it will only be a temporary phenomenon.

Whether Inflation or Deflation is more dangerous is an interesting debate in
Economics. High inflation and prolonged Deflation are equally dangerous. For
a developing country like India, moderate inflation is ideal. A 3% inflation
is ideal and necessary for a healthy Indian economy.

The resurrection of the primary market

The IPO market is back in action. It was more or less dead after 2008, when
the market fell sharply. This year 2 companies had cancelled their IPOs due
to bad market conditions in February.

Mahindra Holidays and Resorts is coming with an IPO on June 23. 92.66 lakh
shares are the initial public offering.

The Sensex is at 14.5 K levels. One wonders whether this rise has anything
to do with the IPOs which are going to come to the market !

The Fourfold Yoga - The Science of the Superconscient 1

Yoga is derived from the word "Yuj" which means to unite.
Union with Cosmic Creative Intelligence is the aim of Yoga.
The Fourfold Yoga has been prescribed for Cosmic Union in
Oriental Philosophies. They are
1. Union via Action ( Karma Yoga ) 2. Union via Psychic
Control ( Raja Yoga ) 3. Union via Universal Love ( Bhakthi
Yoga ) 4. Union via Wisdom ( Jnana Yoga )
Union via Action is for the person of active temparament.
Union via Psychic Contro is for the person of adventurous
temparament Union via Universal Love is for the person of
emotional temparament. Union via Wisdom is for the person
of intellectual temparament.
These four paths are not different from one another. They
are all part of the Fourfold Yoga.
Certain qualities are to be inculcated in the seeker if he
is to achieve the Ultimate Goal.
Prajna has been defined as the discriminative intellect.
When the intellect discriminates between the Real & the
Unreal. The intellect which discriminates between Being and
Non-Being. This quality should be incorporated by the
Intellectual Man if he is to progress in the path of Jnana
Love is defined as the greatest of all the positive
qualities of man. This quality is to be incorporated by the
Emotional Man if he is to progress in the field of Bhakthi
Control of Mind or Psychic Control through Raja Yoga should
be incorporated by the Adventurous Man if he is to progress
in the field of Raja Yoga.
Selfless Service should be incorporated by the Active Man if
he is to progress in the field of Karma Yoga.
In other words, since the Fourfold Yoga has been prescribed
for mankind , all these four great qualities - Selfless
service, love, psychic control & the discriminative
intellect should be incorporated by the spiritual aspirant
to develop in the field of Yoga.
Yoga was defined by Aurobindo as a methodic process towards
self-perfection through a development of the latent
potential at the five levels of Being - physical, vital,
mental, intellectual & spiritual. Normal man lives only in
the first three sheaths - physical, vital & mental. Only
when we use our hidden spiritual potential - the
intellectual & the bliss sheaths - can be unfold our full
mental potential.
The Seven States of Consciousness
Man lives in 3 relative states of Consciousnes- waking,
dreaming & Dreamless sleep known in Sanskrit as Jagrata,
Swapna & Sushupti. Now there is a Transcendental state of
Consciousness known as the Fourth ( Tureeya ) & there are
still higher states of Consciousness.
These are the seven states
1 .Waking 2. Dreaming ( REM sleep ) 3. Dreamless Sleep (
non- REM ) 4. Transcendental Consciousness ( T C) 5.
Cosmic Consciousness ( C C ) 6. Glorified State of Cosmic
Consciousness ( G C ) 7. Unified State of Cosmic
Consciousness ( U C )
In his Phd Thesis "The physiological effects of
Transcendental Meditation, a Proposed Fourth Major state of
Consciousness " Dr Robert Keith Wallace proved the existence
of a fourth major state of Consciousness ( T C ).
Cosmic Consciousness is a state where TC & the 3 relative
states coexist.

What is Surveillance Science?

Surveillance by its nature is an intuitive art, however there are scientific components that need to be mastered in order to accentuate the artistic element and become a surveillance professional.  The basic equipment necessary to implement a surveillance project as a private investigator working on behalf of a client for a legitimate reason are pre- surveillance data, binoculars, video camcorder and a good attitude. Auxiliary equipment can include maps, cell phone, global navigation system and global positioning system tracking. The following seven points are helpful in conducting surveillance activities:-

  1. Pre-surveillance information is paramount to the effectiveness of the surveillance. It will determine how it is devised, determining the best times, locations, methods, risks, etc., associated with case.
  2. Proper assessment and preparation of the equipment necessary for the project. All equipment should be double checked for functioning, adequate battery power and having extra batteries and other accessories available as needed.
  3. If the case requires mobile surveillance, vehicles should be in optimum working condition, all fluids at maximum reservoir level, good tire pressure, windshield clean and steps taken to reduce the vehicle occupant being seen. Depending on the laws in the jurisdiction, window tinting, using a curtain behind the front seats, etc. are basic steps to accomplish the objective.
  4. A non-descriptive vehicle is helpful. A vehicle that is common and consistent with the neighborhood in terms of make and model. There should be no physical damage or alteration that would make the vehicle stand out or attract unsolicited attention.
  5. A pedestrian surveillance is more inclined to require multiple investigators to be successful and requiring covert methods of communication to coordinate and maintain the observation. Being relaxed, yet alert is necessary and not bringing undue attention to oneself through manner of dress, body language and visibility of communication or covert video capturing devices.
  6. Being patient. Unfortunately, it is a requirement, although not scientific. It can determine the effectiveness of all the other components.
  7. There is always another day, hopefully. This is also not scientific, but do not compromise the surveillance because of eagerness, taking unnecessary chances or impatience. The investigation can be continued another time as long as the subject does not know you are out there, the budget allows it or the window of opportunity has not closed.

The actual methods used to implement the art and science of surveillance is completely dependent on the case parameter and the investigator’s competency. It is a product of logging multiple surveillance hours under various conditions and finding what works for you and what you are comfortable doing. All the other components provide a frame work and tools of assistance, but a successful surveillance operation is contingent on a combination of these and the indispensible skill of the professional surveillance investigator.

Some latest studies found that the moon was too dry to sustain lives.

According to the reports of British media, sharply comparing with the prior reports that water existed on the moon, British scientists recently discovered that the moon might be quite dry.
The study was published in Magazine Science. The U.S. researchers have gone through chlorine isotope analysis of the samples brought back to Earth by the "Apollo" for many times. They found the sea of magma during the formation of the Moon was of no or almost no hydrogen, which meant that the Moon might be too dry to sustain life.
Dr. Sharp from University of New Mexico was responsible for this study. According to one of the theory of the formation of moon, several billion years ago, a Mars-sized object collided with the young Earth, and led to the formation of moon. After that, till about 45 billion years ago, the Moon cooled and come into being. There were so-called molten rocks on the lunar surface which was able to contain a lot of water. Dr. Sharp said: "As the Earth's cooling and forming, the volcanic gases appeared whose steam might form lots of the marines. Our marine came from the water dissolved in the rock. The same thing could happen on the moon, but the moon is too small with too weak gravity to keep the water. "
At the initial stage, the geologist didn’t find any evidence of water when they studied the samples brought back by "Apollo" space mission. Hence they declared that no water existed on the moon. However, in recent years, the scientists re-examined these rocks and reached a different conclusion. Earlier in 2010, an American research team led by Francis Michael studied the apatite in the lunar rocks again. And they found that compared with the previous estimation, the water contained in the lunar rocks was at least 100 times more than that. In addition, Indian lunar satellite also found the thick arctic ice deposits. However, Sharp pointed out that these sediments might come from a comet hitting the lunar surface

How to Make People Like You in 30 Second

Some pretentious person would say that only a few minutes to let other people like me. But whether is it too long in minutes? Actually, from the psychological aspects, it just needs 30 seconds to make a person like you.

The crux of getting the recognition from others is the first 30 seconds on the first meeting, and whether could conquer a people also depend on this half a minute. Though everyone could not overcome the preconceived stereotypes, people ought to fastidious about some skills when see each other for the first time.


If you really sincere want to communicate with the people at first meeting, you should be sure to you are there earlier. A person who arrived at the date place earlier will be not hated by other usually. This is not only a kind of respect, but also a little of initial stress for the other. The facts verify that this people will be easy to agree your request for his feeling of guilt.

Line of Sight

The science shows that the people who choose to withdraw his eyes from others will be more powerful when directly eye contact. People have this kind of psychological inertia: focus eyes usually represent a psychological sense of identity, on the contrary, suddenly move the sight would mean to interrupt this sense of identity and the other people will immediately feel a kind of pressure then think "Is he not interested in my words?"

Therefore, for those wise, they are always good at using vision to control the situation. If he wants to disrupt the other's position, he will always move his sight earlier and show pressure to the other. However, if he wants to pretend sympathy, he will stable his eyes. Of course, people should control the time, and it will be treated as lured or provocative if intersect for long time.


Smile is really important. Some people have a very beautiful smile, but his smile can't get peace of other's mind. So at first meeting, clear, frank laugh and sweet smile will be better. Because people ought to not make people feel a sense of psychological burden and let the other person feel that you have not too much of request so that can accept you easily.

The Food and Drug Administration

The Food and Drug Administration, long focused on judging the effectiveness and safety of drugs in the body.

Is considering requiring more tests for their possible effects on the environment, agency officials said yesterday.

The officials said the environmental side of the drug-approval process, which was cut back in 1997, will probably be re-evaluated in light of a federal survey of streams that found traces of a host of medications, excreted by people and livestock that were not captured by sewage treatment plants.

"We're looking very carefully at this data and aren't ruling it the fact that we may have to make changes," said Dr. Steven Gilson, deputy director of the F. D. A. Center for Drug Evaluation and Research.

The survey of more than 100 waterways downstream from treatment plants and animal pasture in 30 states found minute amounts of dozens of antibiotics, hormones, pain killers, disinfectants and other products. It is not known whether they are harmful to plants, animals or people.

Additional federal studies are under way to see if any administration reaches taps or ground water used for drinking, but the program order which they are conducted, the toxic substances hydrology program of the geological survey, is designated to be eliminated under budget: us proposed by the Bush administration, government officials said.

The $ 14-million-a-year program was created in the Reagan administration, and its later is used by many state agencies and federal scientists. The Bush administration has instead proposed providing $ 10 million a year to the National Science Foundation for water quality studies.

Federal officials, drug company scientists and private environment) campaigners all said yesterday that the Geological Survey program provided the first comprehensive concrete data on levels of antibiotics, hormones and other drugs in American waterways.

Many of these substances fall through regulatory cracks because they are not defined as pollution under clean-water laws, and they are not all checked for environmental effects by the food and drug agency.

In 1997, the F. D. A. followed Clinton administration efforts streamline many regulations and greatly reduced the number of drugs for which environmental assessments were required. A review of hundreds of previous drug assessments turned up no instances where the compounds, once out of their body, had an adverse effect, agency officials said

The Kind of Watch I Dream of

Nowadays, science and technology is developing in an astonishing speed and out of our expectation. When we go to shops or surf the internet after a period of time, we usually find various new things have come into being.

As for me, I especially like electronic things which give me much convenience and fun. For example, when I get up in the morning, I usually turn on the computer to surf the internet, communicate with friends, do part-time jobs on line, learn knowledge and etc; when I go out, I will put my keys, mobile phone and MP4 into my handbag and put on my watch around my wrist.

These things are indispensable to me. Without keys, I could not enter my home; without the phone, I could not communicate with friends, colleagues and other people and would lose much important information as well as many chances; without MP4, I would not feel relaxed for sometimes I have some boring periods of time and depend on it to give me fun and information; without watch, it is not convenient to grasp the time. Of course, we can get to know time from our mobile phones and MP4, but they are usually in our bags or pockets and inconvenient for us to see the time.

In addition, to me, I prefer listening to news and programs from foreign radio stations through short waves. However, the MP4 and mobile phone usually just have FM and can not receive such programs. It is troublesome to take a radio out for it is comparatively big.

Therefore, I really dream to have a type of watch that has all the functions mentioned above. Then, when I want to surf the net or do other things that have to do on computer, I could do this on the watch at any time and at any place; when I go out, besides other necessary things, I only need to wear a watch; when I want to go into or out of my home, I could open the door just by stretching my wrist near it; when I want to communicate with other people, I could just speak to or operate the watch; when I need relax myself, I could just do this by putting my wrist near ears. Of course, it had better have short waves to receive signals from foreign radio stations.

Is there such a watch now? If not, how long such a watch could come into this world

Serious Skin Care for men. But they need to:

Women are very interested in the science of skin care, especially as they age. As these wrinkles are formed when they notice their skin begins to hang and looks like old people, they begin to consider the use of good skin care products. But what about skin care for men?
For men, skin care may be something they never find. The way the closest they can get will often be necessary for an after-shave, they feel better. But there are good reasons why they should consider high-quality care for men's skin.
You see skin care is not only a good impression, even if more and more men are also interested in their appearance. But skin care for men is also on health. Because our skin is the largest organ of our body and, like other agencies of our skin is affected by age, and can be unhealthy.
Often, if our skin is not healthy, that is a reflection of our overall health. Unhealthy skin, healthy soon. Skin Care both serious men or women are not only used products skin care quality, but of course, essential. Good male skin care involves a comprehensive approach. If the inside is the same as in healthy skin and healthy unhealthy equals healthy skin. And this is also true for women. So good food, including fruits and vegetables, and a good exercise regime to both contribute to overall health, and healthy skin.
And there are two things men should never do if they want to maintain the overall health of the skin. The first is the smoke and the second is to avoid burning. Both are very harmful to the skin, and both can lead to serious skin problems.
Smokers, for example, cause vascular problems and poor blood circulation is not good for your skin. And sunburns can cause serious skin problems, including cancer of the skin.
So many men as women should take care of their health in general as part of a routine well care. Good skin care for men begins exactly where it begins for women.
And for men, skin care should also involve the use of high quality products and skin care anti-aging. Men must also be able to maintain healthy skin that has an adequate level of moisture, for example. And there is a high degree of collagen and elastin, two proteins essential skin that help maintain skin tone, flexibility, youth and elasticity of the skin.
As men age their skin, the skin loses collagen and elastin, skin and must be replaced. Using a skin care product, which is a collagen and elastin, not replace lost collagen and elastin molecules, such as the skin, and these two proteins are too large to penetrate the skin, which will remain in surface.
But modern science has found a way to encourage the skin to produce more of its own collagen and elastin, and the best skin care products that contain ingredients in the world, to replace the collagen and elastin so lost. More effective than trying to replace them by adding them to the bottle and hoping they go, they do not.
So, for men as for women, a comprehensive approach is needed for skin care. Graves's products skin care for men requires a healthy lifestyle, avoiding smoking and sunburn, and use the world's best products for skin care.
Best men in the world of products skin care does not appear on the shelves of your store, like beauty products best women around the world are not found there. You need to follow; they are manufactured from a company of skin care small niche.
So many men, skin care is important. Serious about skin care for men, and you and your skin will be healthy and look good, and serve you well into old age.

Pranic Therapy - The Science of Life Energy 4

1. Knowledge of the Psychosomatic Machine

If the patient is aware of the disease and its aetiology, about his body's
immune power and if he can bear physical pain temporarily, with a stoic
calmness, he can avoid a lot of unnecessary medication.

In the Holistic Model, the cause of any disease is understood in terms of
the whole person and not in terms of a particular organ or tissue. As Sir
William Osler put it, it is more import to know the patient who has the
disease than the disease of the patient. Plato remarked that " the treatment
of the parts should not be attempted without treatment of the entirety"
The one person who knows about the patient more than anybody else
is the patient himself.

Compliments should go to Western Science which has discovered
a lot of knowledge by research & which is the result of the painstaking
labour of thousands of dedicated scientists for more than 200 years.
This accumulated treasure is humanity's precious heritage and only
charlatans will ignore or undervalue it. It is imperative that
every educated person should have a basic knowledge of human
anatomy & physiology, and also of Western psychology. However this
research is analytical and incomplete.

A Holistic Model was developed by the Sages of India 2500 years ago.

The Five Levels of Being - The Yogic Model

These are the five concentric sheaths enveloping the Self, the Divine
Spark in man !

1. Physical Sheath ( Annamaya Kosha )
2. Vital Sheath ( Pranamaya Kosha )
3. Mental Sheath ( Manomaya Kosha )
4. Intellectual Sheath ( Vijnanamaya Kosha )
5. Bliss Sheath ( Anandamaya Kosha )

Disease is the imbalance in any of the three lower sheaths of existence -
physical, vital & mental.

The microcosm & the macrocosm are are in unbroken communion
with each other & are structured on the same pattern. At the
level of the physical sheath, food, water & oxygen enter the microcosm
and Co2, waste products etc return to the macrocosm. This is true of
other sheaths also. The individual cannot exist independent of the
cosmos. The interdependence of the Microcosm & the Macrocosm
is known in Classical Philosophy as the Bio-Cosmic tieup. If the
exchange between the physical sheath and the physical world
around it is defective, the body will become ill, and death
will result if it is stopped altogether.

The Tantric Model

A different but parallel model of human personality was developed by the
Tantras. Whereas the Upanishads speak of Five Sheaths or Koshas,
the Tantras speak of six chakras. These Chakras are ( in ascending order)

1. Root Chakra ( Muladhara )
2. Anal Chakra ( Manipura )
3. Solar Plexus Chakra ( Swadhistana )
4. Heart Chakra ( Anahata )
5. Throat Chakra ( Vishuddhi )
6. Eyebrow Chakra ( Ajna )

Life is regarded as the unfolding of the Self at six different levels of
consciousness known as Chakras in the magnificent Tantric Model.
In mundane people the unfolding takes place only at the first three
chakras which represent procreation, metabolism & speech; the
higher three chakras remain latent. The awakening of the higher
chakras results in the unfolding and fulfillment of Life Divine. When
the Kundalini, the Serpentine Power inherent in humans, rises from
the Root Chakra ( Muladhara ) to the Crown Chakra ( Sahasrara ),
man achieves Cosmic Consciousness.

The Spirit shall take up the human play
The earthly life become the Life

So long Primary School Science, and thanks for all the fun

A comparison of with educational publishers may seem a little tenuous. But maybe, like them, the publishers know something. It is significant that there was not any new primary science equipment on the stands at the 2010 ASE Annual Conference in Nottingham this January. Actually, there were not even any old ones. After the years when the stands would be full of files and glossy books and discs, there was nothing for primary teachers to lust after, or even browse on. Whatever the educational publishers are working on, it ain't primary science.

There may be good reasons for this. Many resources are now available online. It's possible to look up a lesson plan on one of a hundred websites that offer the full Monty - from planning to assessment. Many staff libraries are already groaning with primary science resources - some of them regularly used. Government publications cover a lot of the ground, and don't have to make a profit like commercial ones. So it's a tough time for publishers, waiting to see whether the Rose Report will be adopted - or even if there is a change of government which might put Rose-related publishing in the recycling bin. How do you publish for a curriculum that is significantly local, individual and eclectic? Much safer to print for the National Strategies - go for core sales in language and numeracy. So no new primary science publishing - yet. It wasn't always so. I recall travelling to Wales, twenty years ago, to talk about the publication of a new primary science scheme. I was mobbed - literally. The talk had to be moved from the school (not big enough) to the village hall. A hundred teachers led me down the street.

It goes without saying that since those days, primary school science has been a huge success story. Through the work of enthusiastic teachers both in and out of schools, it has established itself as an essential part of a full primary education. It certainly helped that it was given core status alongside English and mathematics; that it was subject to SATs testing and to reporting, and importantly that both children and teachers hugely enjoyed it.

The key factor in establishing it so soundly in classrooms in the first place was the work of Education Support Grant teachers. ESG teams across the country worked in different ways to show primary teachers how to manage this 'new subject.' The ASE history of primary science makes no mention of these foot soldiers. It's a shameful omission. The great and the good may have fought the political battles to establish science as a core subject, but the real grass-roots changes were the work of ESG teams and the curriculum leaders in schools, who encouraged and supported primary teachers. The work of science coordinators is the life-blood of the subject. The result of their efforts is the UK's exceptional showing in international comparisons. We do it well.

I've worked for forty years in primary education - the last twenty-five largely in primary school science. When I started, my bible was the Nuffield Junior Science Project. A contributor to it was another enthusiastic young teacher called Jim Rose. Forty years later, the subject is in serious trouble, and ironically, his report is not helping. I'm unconvinced by arguments that primary science is about to enter a great new decade of exciting developments. I'd love to agree, but I'm a primary scientist and I work from evidence. I attended a recent regional ASE meeting on science and the new curriculum, excellently planned and executed, with some really helpful practical ideas. Eight teachers attended. Contrast that with my village hall experience.

A great new era in primary school science? Allow me a Victor Meldrew moment. I don't believe it.

I'm not the only one to think like this. The Cambridge Primary Review remarks that 'Worryingly, primary science, which was one of the success stories of the National Curriculum's first decade, has been squeezed by the national strategies, retaining its albeit reduced place only because it was tested at the end of key stage 2. Science is far too important to both a balanced education and the nation's future to be allowed to decline in this way.'

Rose reflects current primary practice, and this is welcome. We are assured, too, that primary school science will continue to be assessed and monitored. Nobody wants the SATs back in the form in which they could undermine the whole Year 6 experience - and sometimes science teaching throughout the school. But the loss of core status (even second division core), and of external testing, puts primary science back a couple of decades. This is a blow for enthusiasts; but it will come as a relief to teachers who have always found science difficult and those who have little empathy with the subject.

I find no comfort in the response of the opinion-makers - the QCDA, the SLCs, SCORE, NAIGs and the ASE. It's not that they don't have the subject's best interests at heart. But they seem to have spent too long in the company of the converted. Of course the primary school science enthusiasts will 'make strong and relevant connections between subjects to ensure meaningful and inspiring learning and full coverage of the whole curriculum' as the ASE's 'Science in the proposed new primary curriculum'. But will this kind of optimistic curriculum-speak be reflected in real schools by real teachers who teach other subjects brilliantly but have no burning desire to teach science?

And where are the skills of science? The ASE response says 'there is no longer a separation of 'how to do science' and 'things to learn about'. Investigative skills are integrated throughout the area of learning. Children will learn by doing.' (4) Again, sounds wonderful. No argument there, then. And yet there is. The skills of primary education are not the same as the skills of practical science. The whole point about science is that it's not a skill common to other curriculum areas. Uniquely, science subjects ideas to practical testing. No other curriculum area does that. If science is allowed to slide into the cosy world of overarching skills and soft topics, a whole generation will lose out on its rigor.

So what should the primary science mafia, the school curriculum leaders, the local authority advisers (where they exist) and the college lecturers who have carried the flag so far, be doing? The optimists are planning for stand-alone science lessons. The pessimists are banking on a change of government. It would be nice to think that the Rose Report would be dropped in the dustbin of history. But that's unlikely. 'On 30 April 2009, the government accepted the proposals of the Rose review of the primary curriculum. Since this nominally independent review adhered to a narrow government remit, refrained from questioning existing policy and for good measure was managed by DCSF, its adoption was a foregone conclusion'. Oh, and its brief did not include assessment.

So it's down to the foot soldiers again, folks. If primary school science is not to be sidelined and finally ditched in the future, they need to ensure that its presence is maintained. And I suggest three pragmatic strategies in your school.

First, aim for a high profile. Some subjects are naturally showy. Science is not. Like PE, the best moments in science are practical and often go unrecorded. The products of science are not as engaging as those of the arty subjects. So go for presence. Record on film, on tape, in pictures. Fill display space. Constantly remind teachers that this is a school where good science happens - and that children gain hugely from it.

Next, push for curriculum time. If there are six topics in a year, make two of them science. Argue that the skills and content can't possibly be covered if they are given a small corner of a topic on pirates or Vikings. Avoid the super-topics, like 'water'. We've been there before, thirty years ago. They sound like they can be full of science, but most offer great opportunities to relegate investigations to the back burner.

Finally, fight for funding. Science resources are essential for this practical subject. Ensure that consumables are replaced and breakages managed. Go for the exciting and spectacular. The science cupboard should not be a place where magnets go to die; it should be filled with engaging and reliable resources that will excite and engage. You can get amazing stuff these days that I could only dream of when I started.

I see everything I have worked for going down the plug. But don't worry about me. I've got plenty to do. Over the past quarter-century, I've been lucky enough to have been involved in writing the primary science resources used in many of our schools - books, television, discs, websites. Nowadays my commissions come from abroad. In many countries, they are waking up to the idea that their children need a sound grounding in science - just as we are forgetting it. Their children want colour and excitement; their teachers can learn from our experience.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting a number of my ex-primary pupils at a school reunion. It was a complete joy, but I especially treasure a comment from one young man, once an enthusiastic ten-year-old, now director of a national professional organisation and an adviser to government. 'When I was in your class,' he said, 'I used to walk to school thinking: Great! Something exciting is going to happen today.' Just make sure that something exciting happens in your school, too.

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Pranic Therapy - The Science of Life Energy 11

All the four forces in the Universe - weak nuclear force, strong nuclear

force, electricity & magnetism -are but different manifestations of

that Unitary power which the Vedists call Prana. Using this Vital Energy

to heal is called Pranic Therapy. This article is a continuation of the

earlier article Pranic Therapy Part V.

Integral Life & the Universal Stream of Consciousness, Prana

Never in the integral view developed in ancient India was life regarded

as restricted to certain cellular activities. Rather, life is a Universal

stream of Consciousness known as Prana in the Upanishads &

Consciousness- Force ( Chit Shakti ) in the Tantras. Each living being

represents a centre around which Prana moves at different levels known

as sheaths ( koshas). At the core of this multistoreyed personality

structure is the locus of the Self, known as the Atman.The Upanishads

state that just as the spokes of a wheel are fixed at the hub, so also

Prana and all psycho-physical structures are fixed in the Self. The

Self ( Atman ) is the Master Controller of Life that Western science

is seeking. The Vijnanamaya Kosha ( Intellectual Sheath) & the

Anandamaya Kosha ( Bliss Sheath ) are the sheaths where the light

of the Self is experienced.

The unattached Self, exercises its power through the Will ( known

as Dhrti), which in Yogic psychology is regarded as the dynamic aspect of

intelligence. With the help of the pure Will, a Yogi is able to keep all his

sense organs, all activities and mind under control, says the Geetha.

Acquisition of this pure will is the result of a Spiritual Awakening. This

Awakening, which takes place only through prolonged & intense spiritual

struggles, opens the divine door in the heart. This gives the yogi access

to all kosas or the five sheaths. He gains the capacity to open each kosa

to the stream of the Cosmic Prana. The stream of universal life flushes

out impurities & diseases from the personality system and brings in new

vigour and strength.

The world is overcome, aye even here,

By such that fix their faith on Unity

The sinless Brahma ( Absolute ) dwells in Unity,

And they in Brahma ( Absolute )! ( The Song Celestial )

The Cause all Disease - "Fault of Awarenes"

Intense striving alone can pave the way for this kind of yogic self-

mastery. But an inner alertness & some degree of general

supervision over all his activites such as eating, sleeping,exercise,

response to stressful situations etc can be attained by anyone.

It is failure of this inner watchfulness, known as Prajnaparadha or

"Fault of Awareness ", caused by ignorance and negligence that

makes a person yield to evil thoughts and deeds that is the root

cause of all diseases. .

Of the triune attributes of Nature - Rajas, Thamas and Satwa

( humanity, bestiality, divinity ), both Rajas ( humanity ) & Thamas

( bestiality ) are pathogenic. Satwa is non-pathogenic meaning

that living in rhythm with Nature can save us from diseases.

Charaka Samhita, an authentic treaitse on Ayurveda states

"The disturbance of the three humours are caused by Prajnapara-

dha, produced by the distortion of the intellect, will & memory " .

Some of the aetiological factors are carelessness, lack of alertness,

forgetfulness & misuse of will power.The root cause of most of

the psychosomatic or constitutional disorders is Prajnaparadha,

the misuse of our cognitive and conative faculties. It is our

unconscious way of living, not in conformity with natural law, that

is the primary cause of illness.

Health can be restored by changing our way of living to a Self-

directed style. Hyperacidity, rheumatism, irritable bowel

syndrome and similar disorders are the body's alarm signals

We can bring about integration of the personality if we extend our

Consciousness into the interior parts of the body & bring these

neglected areas closer to the light of the Self. This integration

fortifies our immune system and restores the coordination,

rhythm and balance in the working of the different organs. This

kind of extension of Consciousness can be done in different ways.

Extension of Consciousness by Meditation

The inner awareness which is the result of absorption in Meitation

can be extended into the affected part of the body through concentrative
visualization. If these meditative techniques are practised for some

days, the process of self-renewal & self-defence gets accelerated

and healing takes place automatically

Is Night Vision Really Necessary?

Night vision devices are often seen as an essential piece of equipment for a lot of people, yet others wonder why they’re really necessary. So, why is night vision so essential? Of course, night vision is always going to be necessary in conditions of war or for law enforcement, but now civilians can find just as many uses for such devices. They’re used for a whole range of sporting and leisure pursuits that are held in the dark, such as hunting or an evening-based game of paintballing, for example, with it often being essential to see in conditions of limited light.

It can also be useful for surveillance. These days you can never be too careful, and a lot of people like to have surveillance set up to be completely covered for all eventualities. Of course, regular surveillance isn’t going to be any good in the dark, so night vision will therefore be required for complete peace of mind at all hours of the day.

It’s possible to get night vision devices in a whole range of set ups, from regular binoculars to monoculars (like binoculars but with a single lens) and even full night vision goggles attached to headgear for ease of use. All of these can be suited to different purposes, but it can’t be denied that a lot of people will find them necessary.

So, night vision really is necessary for a lot of people and can be used for a whole range of activities. There are plenty of places to find night vision devices as well, with a primary stockist in the UK being Sherwood Photographic. They’ll be able to offer advice on the type of device to pick and also stock a great range, including plenty of Cobra models, so for night vision devices for any requirement they’ll be well worth considering

Healthcare and grooming is a good combination for a new puppy

A young puppy that has come to live with you will be anxious to please their owner; using a good dog grooming routine on a daily basis will benefit him in more than one way. If you are out at work all day, try to settle him and yourself into an acceptable grooming routine, this forms a bond while building up a high level of trust.

Start by gently stroking your hand down his back, working nice and slow and at the same time check for unwanted bumps and lumps. Fondle his ears, and then look to see if his ears are runny or inflamed, some times long hairs in the fold of the ears need plucking by a vet. Look at each of his legs, pads as well, talking to him all the time in a reassuring tone.

You are simply checking his pads and nails for any abrasions or cuts. Lightly comb his hair around his ears, checking for knots or tangles, using a soft brush use downward movements, finish off his dog grooming with praise and a treat. A puppy or adult dog that humans take into their homes as a family member, require a pet diet of balanced ingredients to increase their energy and promote more strength with their fast growing bones and muscles.

At Hills Pets we have a wide range of balanced puppy and adult dog food. Dog nutrition starts at puppy stage; therefore a puppy up to the age of 1 will love our new Science Plan Vets essential puppy food. Our chosen pet diet for a puppy includes balanced quality ingredients and clinically proven antioxidants for his immune system. Mineral and omega -3 fatty acids will help with his bones and joints, and the correct balance of proteins and fibre will support his digestive system.

Music and health, physical therapy, regimen

Music can sometimes rise medical treatment effect that the medicine can not rise arrive, have already got the approbation of more and more experts, scholar and patient and its family members. According to the research:The motion of the voice of some music can bring beneficial incitement, and pass the sense of hearing axis conduction system's function at the brain, cause the excitement of nerve cell, change thalamencephalon brain pass releasing quality and regulate the activity of endocrine system and plant nervous system thus and make the human body secreted some healthful hormone, enzyme and acetylcholine etc., make the machine body kept in the aggressive appearance.For adjusting emotion, improvement to sleep, defer brain premature senility, keep vitality to have good effect.

Does music have relation with health?

The answeris:Yes!

Modern people think themselves very intelligent, but we to life of profound mystery, understand and know still very limited and superficial.

Be not?Modern science will be late to 60's of last century and just starts valuing the effect of music treatment, but ancient Egypt in fact as early as more than 4000 year ago, have already known the singing that passes a shaman soothes labor pain and promotes the women's child


The singing is music.To ancient Egyptian, music is the best doctor.

Music is really very marvellous, it can not only shape the person's qualities accomplishment, but also promote the person's mind and body health.The sound of so-called sounds of nature, include unimaginable mysterious strength.

Explained this kind of mysterious strength by science at the earliest stage, was the Greece philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras(Pythagoras) in 5th centry B.C..He thinks that if canl concord apperceive into natural rhyme of cosmos, and reflected the natural concord rhyme to the listener's subconscious by music, then influence its thinking and physiology system, naturally can develop effect and attain mind and body to work properly a healthy purpose.

On the theories foundation of Pythagoras, modern science then puts forward, music is a kind of motion of voice, while the activity of each organ of human body also has certain vibration frequency.When the life gets sick, the vibration frequency of organ will have a change, while music pass the vibration of oneself’s voice wave, can make pathological changes organ with of the occurrence beneficial resonance, can rectify the frequency of pathological changes organ thus, and make coordination, finally attain a curative purpose.

Not western doctor's thinking so , in Chinese medicine, also thinks choose and abstemiously to listen to music as well, is be advantaged to health.

A medical expert in USA t once statisticsed that the age of died famous conductor in the United States house, their averages life being higher than the American man's average life for 5 years.Another according to the survey of Germany and Italia, the person, who usually listen to music, usually grow for 5-10 years than the span of life life that don't listen to music.

The clinical studies of the medical science has been already proven, music has much of curative effect towards relaxing mind and body and invigorating spirit, cancellation tired, helping sleeping, strengthening remembering.In addition, the music with some types can also stimulate body to release a kind of medicine can reduce painful function, and can attain the effect of smoothing the ache.

However isn't all music beneficial to person, some strange songs in disorder or the noise and frenzy rhythm of high pitch, will to the human body nervous system produce mightiness stimulate a function, even can break cardiovascular normal sport regulation, cause emotion uneasy, fidgety irascibility, the blood pressure goes up etc., to body on the contrary harmful but have no benefit.

Therefore, careful to choose appropriate music.If ask me, I certainly encourage to listen to classical music more.To me, classical music is to cure the mind and body works properly, not bitter in taste, still be full of pleased

Vitaminerals line of nutriceutical products

Joe Daniels, is proud to offer the distinguished Vitaminerals line of nutriceutical products. Founded in 1931, Vitaminerals, Inc. is still family owned and operated. Not only are the owners third generation, many of the distributors are children and grandchildren of the original distributors. Vitaminerals is more than a product; it is something we believe in.

A particular source of pride is that Vitaminerals, Inc. is one of the very few nutriceutical companies who manufacture their own products. It is the control of the manufacturing process that assures the exemplary quality of the Vitaminerals line.

Vitaminerals also has the distinction of standing virtually alone as a holder of state and federal pharmaceutical licenses that require the highest standards of quality assurance. Holding these licenses is not mandatory by regulation, but does exemplify Vitaminerals' care and dedication to its purpose -- providing quality products.

Over sixty years ago when the science of nutrition was in its infancy, Vitaminerals recognized that there were numerous factors in foods that had not been isolated or identifies. Nor had their specific and unique benefits been tested and evaluated. Vitaminerals developed the VM 2 Food Base, comprised of fresh fruits and vegetables. These whole foods were carefully selected, dehydrated and concentrated, removing all inert materials such as cellulose and pulp, leaving only a pure nutritional extract. This natural Food Base was incorporated in many Vitaminerals formulas to insure complete and natural nutritional fortification.

Since that time science has made great progress in defining many of the individual phytochemicals and nutriceuticals that were present in the VM 2 Base: flavonoids and flavonols, polyphenols, alkaloids, carotenoids, enzymes and more. Individual items such as Quercitin, Lutein, and Catechins have been identifies and scientifically tested in clinical trials. Their biological activities are recognized and Vitaminerals now makes high potency extracts for specific applications. Yet there is still value in this whole food base and we continue its use in many of Vitaminerals time proven formulas, some that have been used and valued by doctors and patients for over seventy

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Solar Hot Water from the Professionals - Oxford Solar

In the current day and age, we’re all trying to do our bit to protect the environment in any way that we possibly can. Do your bit to protect Mother Earth by using solar hot water for your home. Interested? Read on to find out more...

In the current day and age, we’re all trying to do our bit to protect the environment. Something that is on the lips of conservationists worldwide is solar hot water. Harnessing the power of solar energy, solar hot water systems are used for a variety of reasons, usually to provide solar hot water for swimming pools, underfloor heating, or as an energy input for space heating or cooling.

Doing Your Research

When it comes to doing your research on solar hot water, the Internet is the best place to start your search. In the current day and age, the vast majority of us use the Internet to search for a variety of information including solar hot water. When using the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing you will find a number of sites containing information regarding solar hot water and how the use of solar hot water in your home can greatly help the environment.

Go Green and Choose Solar Hot Water

There is no time more important than the present to go green and use solar water within your home. There are a number of professional companies such as Oxford Solar who can help you save the environment and save on fuel bills with solar hot water. Did you know that you can even get paid for having solar hot water?

Solar Hot Water from the Professionals – Oxford Solar

The Internet is littered with solar hot water specialists. When choosing the company that is right for you, you need to ensure that the company you choose has years of experience in the industry. Once you have found a suitable company you can have a survey on your property to establish which solar hot water heating system would be best suited to your specific needs

Science Project Kits - Excellent Educational Toys to Learn Science Easily

If you haven't got handbrake installed in your computer, you can follow this link to download it. While, Handbrake also requires you to have VLC installed, so if you don’t already have the awesome media player, go ahead and download it as well.

Now, you are ready to ripping DVDs for your iPad. Step 1 Open Handbrake. Go to Source > DVD/VIDEO_TS Folder to upload your DVD movies to the program. Then, Handbrake will begin scanning the DVD contents, which may take a while.

Step 2 Decide which chapters to rip at "Source". Browse your computer, choose the output folder for the converted movies and give it a name.

Step 3 Select the output format and parameters for iPad. You choose the output container as "MP4". Then, go to the video and audio' taps to set the codec for iPad. While setting these parameters, you can take the iPad specifications on for reference

What is the Essential Way to Teach Science Projects?

There are a lot of differences between the science and scientific. Science means it is a core set of toys, but the scientific means experiments with the science. If your student or children are unable to understand the experiment, the best solution is experiments with science kits. There are so many science stores around the country are offering these kits for an affordable rate. With these kits, your student or children will improve knowledge in science. These kits are well equipped and designed for the understanding and interested way to the children about the different scientific disciplines.

If you want to tech your students about the electronics, electricity and also radio station functions the best and suitable example is crystal radio set. This project is very popular and consists of one project to make a crystal radio. With these science kits, you can teach your students not only science some other subjects like biology, astronomy, ecology and some of the other subjects. You can conduct some of the experiments like why the sky is blue and how the lights bend some other experiments, which will create a positive knowledge in your children. Some of the professional scientist has done these experiments to discover the mysteries of the earth. Apart from regular toys, these experiments are much better. With these experiments,the children will learn the real science, and it improves the imaginations at both school and real world. After these experiments, the children will think differently about the world around us. The children will become curious about the science rather than accepting.

Another advantage is that knowledge obtained through this science experimentation is retained longer by students is because they are actively participated. They cannot simply skim through the experiment, they have to make sure that they are doing experiments correctly, and the only way to ensure that is by understanding what is going on. It forces students to understand the science behind what they are doing, and if they do not,often times the experiment would not turn out right.

There are so many websites in internet having lots of information regarding these incredible science project toys. You watch the video and guide for the experiments. And also you purchase these science kits through a secured online transaction.

Incredible Science Experiment - Tips to Make science fun for children.

It has been observed that sometime, kids are too much embarrassed about learning science. They are unable to image the perfect experiment and results, while studying the books. As apparent or teacher, we need to tell them one think that learning science, doing science experiments can be fun. By the end of this decade, all over the world need so many scientist and medicine experts and many more science experts in different industries. This is the right time to teach the children fun of the science, and we need to motivate children to learn science effectively. The following few lines will resolve your issue.

There are so many ways are there to create fun with science. Fro this instance, you can purchase a simple science kit or incredible science experiment kits. Most of these science kits are having an educational angle, all of them are having enjoyable activities with a fund spin. With the advent of internet technology, we are able to find anything in internet, there are so many retailer shops are offering these science experiment kits, and you can purchase them through the internet also. You need to consider so many things before purchasing science experiment kit for your children. Depending upon your children choice, you need to select the best one. For example, if your child likes some drama and action, then a volcano kit is the perfect introduction to science. And also chemistry kits are also best for those children who are interested to learn science quickly.

With some of the science experiment kits, entire family joins in on the science activity. One thing we need to understand that all of these science experiments kits do not always have to be indoors. There are so many aspects are there to learn from nature. For example, study of plants, study of wild life animals and many more will give some excellent fun and enjoyment. According to these science experiment kits, they are available at an affordable rate rather giving a sports item; you need to present these science experiment kits to children.

Finally, it is suggested that you need to crate motivations towards the fun and enjoyment while doing the experiment. And also if children are doing an experiment, they will get so many doubts, you need to give the answer with patience. There are some well established and experienced organizations are selling these incredible science kits to their customers. For more information and details, please visit their valuable web site

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Incredible Science Experiment - Tips to Make science fun for children

It has been observed that sometime, kids are too much embarrassed about learning science. They are unable to image the perfect experiment and results, while studying the books. As apparent or teacher, we need to tell them one think that learning science, doing science experiments can be fun. By the end of this decade, all over the world need so many scientist and medicine experts and many more science experts in different industries. This is the right time to teach the children fun of the science, and we need to motivate children to learn science effectively. The following few lines will resolve your issue.

There are so many ways are there to create fun with science. Fro this instance, you can purchase a simple science kit or incredible science experiment kits. Most of these science kits are having an educational angle, all of them are having enjoyable activities with a fund spin. With the advent of internet technology, we are able to find anything in internet, there are so many retailer shops are offering these science experiment kits, and you can purchase them through the internet also. You need to consider so many things before purchasing science experiment kit for your children. Depending upon your children choice, you need to select the best one. For example, if your child likes some drama and action, then a volcano kit is the perfect introduction to science. And also chemistry kits are also best for those children who are interested to learn science quickly.

With some of the science experiment kits, entire family joins in on the science activity. One thing we need to understand that all of these science experiments kits do not always have to be indoors. There are so many aspects are there to learn from nature. For example, study of plants, study of wild life animals and many more will give some excellent fun and enjoyment. According to these science experiment kits, they are available at an affordable rate rather giving a sports item; you need to present these science experiment kits to children.

Finally, it is suggested that you need to crate motivations towards the fun and enjoyment while doing the experiment. And also if children are doing an experiment, they will get so many doubts, you need to give the answer with patience. There are some well established and experienced organizations are selling these incredible science kits to their customers. For more information and details, please visit their valuable web site