Monday, October 25, 2010

How to Make People Like You in 30 Second

Some pretentious person would say that only a few minutes to let other people like me. But whether is it too long in minutes? Actually, from the psychological aspects, it just needs 30 seconds to make a person like you.

The crux of getting the recognition from others is the first 30 seconds on the first meeting, and whether could conquer a people also depend on this half a minute. Though everyone could not overcome the preconceived stereotypes, people ought to fastidious about some skills when see each other for the first time.


If you really sincere want to communicate with the people at first meeting, you should be sure to you are there earlier. A person who arrived at the date place earlier will be not hated by other usually. This is not only a kind of respect, but also a little of initial stress for the other. The facts verify that this people will be easy to agree your request for his feeling of guilt.

Line of Sight

The science shows that the people who choose to withdraw his eyes from others will be more powerful when directly eye contact. People have this kind of psychological inertia: focus eyes usually represent a psychological sense of identity, on the contrary, suddenly move the sight would mean to interrupt this sense of identity and the other people will immediately feel a kind of pressure then think "Is he not interested in my words?"

Therefore, for those wise, they are always good at using vision to control the situation. If he wants to disrupt the other's position, he will always move his sight earlier and show pressure to the other. However, if he wants to pretend sympathy, he will stable his eyes. Of course, people should control the time, and it will be treated as lured or provocative if intersect for long time.


Smile is really important. Some people have a very beautiful smile, but his smile can't get peace of other's mind. So at first meeting, clear, frank laugh and sweet smile will be better. Because people ought to not make people feel a sense of psychological burden and let the other person feel that you have not too much of request so that can accept you easily.

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