Monday, October 25, 2010

The Kind of Watch I Dream of

Nowadays, science and technology is developing in an astonishing speed and out of our expectation. When we go to shops or surf the internet after a period of time, we usually find various new things have come into being.

As for me, I especially like electronic things which give me much convenience and fun. For example, when I get up in the morning, I usually turn on the computer to surf the internet, communicate with friends, do part-time jobs on line, learn knowledge and etc; when I go out, I will put my keys, mobile phone and MP4 into my handbag and put on my watch around my wrist.

These things are indispensable to me. Without keys, I could not enter my home; without the phone, I could not communicate with friends, colleagues and other people and would lose much important information as well as many chances; without MP4, I would not feel relaxed for sometimes I have some boring periods of time and depend on it to give me fun and information; without watch, it is not convenient to grasp the time. Of course, we can get to know time from our mobile phones and MP4, but they are usually in our bags or pockets and inconvenient for us to see the time.

In addition, to me, I prefer listening to news and programs from foreign radio stations through short waves. However, the MP4 and mobile phone usually just have FM and can not receive such programs. It is troublesome to take a radio out for it is comparatively big.

Therefore, I really dream to have a type of watch that has all the functions mentioned above. Then, when I want to surf the net or do other things that have to do on computer, I could do this on the watch at any time and at any place; when I go out, besides other necessary things, I only need to wear a watch; when I want to go into or out of my home, I could open the door just by stretching my wrist near it; when I want to communicate with other people, I could just speak to or operate the watch; when I need relax myself, I could just do this by putting my wrist near ears. Of course, it had better have short waves to receive signals from foreign radio stations.

Is there such a watch now? If not, how long such a watch could come into this world

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