Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Music and health, physical therapy, regimen

Music can sometimes rise medical treatment effect that the medicine can not rise arrive, have already got the approbation of more and more experts, scholar and patient and its family members. According to the research:The motion of the voice of some music can bring beneficial incitement, and pass the sense of hearing axis conduction system's function at the brain, cause the excitement of nerve cell, change thalamencephalon brain pass releasing quality and regulate the activity of endocrine system and plant nervous system thus and make the human body secreted some healthful hormone, enzyme and acetylcholine etc., make the machine body kept in the aggressive appearance.For adjusting emotion, improvement to sleep, defer brain premature senility, keep vitality to have good effect.

Does music have relation with health?

The answeris:Yes!

Modern people think themselves very intelligent, but we to life of profound mystery, understand and know still very limited and superficial.

Be not?Modern science will be late to 60's of last century and just starts valuing the effect of music treatment, but ancient Egypt in fact as early as more than 4000 year ago, have already known the singing that passes a shaman soothes labor pain and promotes the women's child


The singing is music.To ancient Egyptian, music is the best doctor.

Music is really very marvellous, it can not only shape the person's qualities accomplishment, but also promote the person's mind and body health.The sound of so-called sounds of nature, include unimaginable mysterious strength.

Explained this kind of mysterious strength by science at the earliest stage, was the Greece philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras(Pythagoras) in 5th centry B.C..He thinks that if canl concord apperceive into natural rhyme of cosmos, and reflected the natural concord rhyme to the listener's subconscious by music, then influence its thinking and physiology system, naturally can develop effect and attain mind and body to work properly a healthy purpose.

On the theories foundation of Pythagoras, modern science then puts forward, music is a kind of motion of voice, while the activity of each organ of human body also has certain vibration frequency.When the life gets sick, the vibration frequency of organ will have a change, while music pass the vibration of oneself’s voice wave, can make pathological changes organ with of the occurrence beneficial resonance, can rectify the frequency of pathological changes organ thus, and make coordination, finally attain a curative purpose.

Not western doctor's thinking so , in Chinese medicine, also thinks choose and abstemiously to listen to music as well, is be advantaged to health.

A medical expert in USA t once statisticsed that the age of died famous conductor in the United States house, their averages life being higher than the American man's average life for 5 years.Another according to the survey of Germany and Italia, the person, who usually listen to music, usually grow for 5-10 years than the span of life life that don't listen to music.

The clinical studies of the medical science has been already proven, music has much of curative effect towards relaxing mind and body and invigorating spirit, cancellation tired, helping sleeping, strengthening remembering.In addition, the music with some types can also stimulate body to release a kind of medicine can reduce painful function, and can attain the effect of smoothing the ache.

However isn't all music beneficial to person, some strange songs in disorder or the noise and frenzy rhythm of high pitch, will to the human body nervous system produce mightiness stimulate a function, even can break cardiovascular normal sport regulation, cause emotion uneasy, fidgety irascibility, the blood pressure goes up etc., to body on the contrary harmful but have no benefit.

Therefore, careful to choose appropriate music.If ask me, I certainly encourage to listen to classical music more.To me, classical music is to cure the mind and body works properly, not bitter in taste, still be full of pleased

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