Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Healthcare and grooming is a good combination for a new puppy

A young puppy that has come to live with you will be anxious to please their owner; using a good dog grooming routine on a daily basis will benefit him in more than one way. If you are out at work all day, try to settle him and yourself into an acceptable grooming routine, this forms a bond while building up a high level of trust.

Start by gently stroking your hand down his back, working nice and slow and at the same time check for unwanted bumps and lumps. Fondle his ears, and then look to see if his ears are runny or inflamed, some times long hairs in the fold of the ears need plucking by a vet. Look at each of his legs, pads as well, talking to him all the time in a reassuring tone.

You are simply checking his pads and nails for any abrasions or cuts. Lightly comb his hair around his ears, checking for knots or tangles, using a soft brush use downward movements, finish off his dog grooming with praise and a treat. A puppy or adult dog that humans take into their homes as a family member, require a pet diet of balanced ingredients to increase their energy and promote more strength with their fast growing bones and muscles.

At Hills Pets we have a wide range of balanced puppy and adult dog food. Dog nutrition starts at puppy stage; therefore a puppy up to the age of 1 will love our new Science Plan Vets essential puppy food. Our chosen pet diet for a puppy includes balanced quality ingredients and clinically proven antioxidants for his immune system. Mineral and omega -3 fatty acids will help with his bones and joints, and the correct balance of proteins and fibre will support his digestive system.

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